Thursday, September 21

5 Lead Generation Tips for Small Business

With many customers active online, marketers must come up with effective ways to attract online prospects, convert them into leads, and convert them into buyers. However, there are many obstacles to these strategies, such as increased competition, customer reviews on social media, and evolving customer behavior when interacting with ads. Here are tips for quality Lead Generation.

1. Use strategically placed CTAs

The best way to use CTAs (Call To Action) in lead generation is to keep them above the edge and right in front of customers on all screen sizes and focus on one CTA per page. Placing your call-to-action above the edge and in front of the eyes will result in a higher conversion rate because all your visitors will see the offer. If the visitor is required to scroll down the page before seeing the offer, your conversion rates will be quite low.

Don’t hide your calls to action at the end of long content, as this will reduce the number of people who see your offer. Make sure customers don’t miss your offer, even if they’re viewing it on a desktop monitor or a small mobile screen.

2. Be responsive on social media

Social media today is the customer service medium when inquiries come in. Customers expect businesses to provide customer service through social media and want quick answers to their questions.

Actively monitor your social networks and answer all questions; this will help you build strong relationships right from the start, making your customers trust you. This will lead to more leads converting to leads because they are comfortable asking for more information about the products or services you offer.

3. Create landing pages that attract social shares

Many marketers underestimate the power of sharing in lead generation. Most social sharing focuses on blog content, but you can use this power to drive traffic to your landing page and get more leads.

Be creative and use the same power of social sharing to drive traffic to your listings. Offer compelling rewards and watch your landing pages get more traffic and lead.

4. Highlight social proof

Showcasing social proof alongside your CTAs will help gain more consumer trust and thus increase your conversion rates. These third-party reviews help improve conversions as customers turn to each other for testimonials.

Placing reviews, testimonials, and even awards and accolades near your CTAs will encourage visitors to move forward and convert them into leads for your brand.

5. Publishing Video Content

Video content is one of the most effective forms of content. Customers love it because they can consume it on the go and it requires no effort. And marketers love it because they can publish them at a low cost and promote them on multiple channels.

Create videos that also explain and entertain, and focus on a unique angle to get results. Share different video angles and content concepts on social media to see what your audience responds well to.

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